wireless chaos

Hi there, so heres the thing, i have openSuSE 11 (and loving it) but the wireless stopped working on my home network like two days ago, i wake up and it will only connect to certain sites, one site it doesn’t connect to is google.com, but see the problem is it is only at my house, in fact when it is trying to load a page in firefox is says “connecting to “…”” and i look over at my modem and no connectivity is going on over there, right now i am at a library and my connection is flawless, personally, i don’t think it is my laptop, but i cant be ceratin, i have a broadcom 43xx card (dont know exact model number) and i have installed the correct drivers for it. My ISP is qwest ,and i have two routers/modems, my connections go thru the linksys router first, then the qwest modem, my other computer running windows connects fine as well as my PDA. but my linux server ,and my laptop just arent connecting it. I know this is a lot of stuff here, but i will take any help, thank you everybody!! oh i should mention my wireless networks are on WPA-TKS and WPA-AES