Wireless card RA 61/RA2561 connect problems solved

After a couple of days of screwing around in 11.2, trying to connect with a Rosewill RNX-G300EX PCI wireless card with the Ralink chip that connects effortlessly in the Buntu’s, Mepis, Mint, Mandrive, PClinusOS and a couple of others now forgotten, I finally got to the proper and relatively easy solution in 11.2 (I had installed 11.3, the Beta but dropped it when I couldn’t figure out the wireless install and moved backward to 11.2 figuring the Beta might be the problem!

I had seen references to ifup and to network manager in the forums but no actual YAST or Control Center GUI’s to work thru. Password solution was already in place via “control center” and then network connections tab there but no connection was forthcoming.

Finally, and totally by accident, a solution:

>YAST >Network devices >Network settings >Network setup method. Under the Global options tab, check - User controlled on network manager. Uncheck IVP6.No other changes were needed

Instantly (no reboot needed!) the wireless icon came up and the pop-up notice that the wireless connection was up. Been up ever since.

I have no answer as to why the process was accomplished differently in Suse vs the others. I will leave that to the skilled and much more talented.

Did you install on a desktop computer with a wired connection, then switched to wireless/both ?
On a laptop, or a system with a wireless device only, the method should be set to traditional anyway.

BTW: Welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing

Fun thing is, this solved a problem explicitly created by the user during installation.

IF one wants to use NetworkManager and does not SKIP “configuring network” during post install, because that will be done with IFUP (what elese one might say as there is still no desktop session started), the network will be configured with IFUP and NetworkManager will not be active.

If not, one must deactivate IFUP again to use NetworkManager (see above, q.e.d.) and that’s it.

I really wonder how many “networking problems” reported in $FORUM are related to this simple misconfiguration.


And of course, the type of (wireless) card is completely irrelevant, this will most likely happen with every supported (wireless) card.

Sound’s like a candidate for collectNWData. Any check I should add to catch this issue?