wireless card in dell inspiron 1525

Hi all!

I’m sure everyone is goin “oh no, not again!” reading my title up there…
New to linux here so apologies in advance…

Here goes…

I’ve a dell inspiron 1525
I’ve installed ndiswrapper and had the card functioning properly and on the internet by setting it up according to instructions elsewhere on this site.
I set it up in yast, rebooted, then set yast to use network manager, rebooted and presto… there I could make a new connection on wlan0.

That was fine… was online for a while and some updates installed automatically and was toldto re-login as soon as possible.

I rebooted again and logged in and now, even though my wifi light remains lit, wlan0 has disappeared from network manager. ( I don’t know if the updates had anything to do with it at all - its probably something I didn’t set up properly with permanency.)

I went back into yast network settings and where the devices are listed, my network card has “(not connected)” after it but my wireless card now has “(no hwinfo)” after it.

So, my question is, what happened?! I had to boot up windows again to get online here and its hurting my eyes so please help!

Its a core2duo with 2g ram running the latest 64 bit suse 11.1 with kde 4.1xx.

If anyone requires any extra information thats no problem, just be as clear as possible how to get it as I’m not used to linux at all. (By the way, just want to say this is the best linux distribution i think I’ve ever seen and I will be nagging everyone for some time to come until I know all about it and can uninstall windows! :slight_smile: )

Thanks very much. Bye.

Some advice here
Madwifi or Ndiswrapper Wireless Network Drivers - Suse/openSUSE 10, 11 - LAN & Internet access

But I’m not sure you needed to use ndiswrapper
HCL/Laptops/Dell - openSUSE

Thanks, havin a look there now
The list of laptops says suse 10.3 supports wireless lan for my machine so i assume 11.1 does too - however, until i uses ndiswrapper, there wasn’t a budge from the card, nor was its light lit.

What happened to you is that when the kernel was updated, all
out-of-kernel drivers stopped working as thay need to be updated as
well. Every module must match the kernel into which it is to be
loaded. In your case, ndiswrapper has the wrong vermagic (version
magic). You need a new version for your new kernel.

One thing to check is whether you really need to use ndiswrapper. If
you can switch to a built-in driver, this kind of problem goes away.

Go to the wireless forum and read the stickies. You can find the
information regarding how to report what wireless device you have,
etc. Post that information in that forum, and we will help you.


will do, thanks