Wireless card DLink G510 RevC

Hi, I just spent most of yesterday getting this working so thought I would post breif comments.
I’m running on OpenSuSe 11 64 bit.
When I fitted the card OpenSuSe detected it, but said it needed firmware. So I spent ages hunting for windows drivers and attempting to load them with NDISWRAPPER. I tried several and each time had no success and noticed that the rt61pci driver was listed as an alternative, so previous experiences told me to blacklist this driver, which I did. But still could not get the card to work.
Eventually, I removed all the NDIWRAPPER stuff I had installed, removed the rt61pci driver from the blacklist and did a modprobe on the rt61pci driver. Bang, it all came up. I entered the details for my connection and there it was. The only thing is it wont auto connect without entering password on boot up, but hey OpenSuSe 11 is so stable it is very rare indeed that it needs restarting, so who cares!
So, it seems that had I done a modprobe on the rt61pci driver in the first place it would have worked straight away.:slight_smile:
Cheers, Peter.