Wireless appears so late :(

Hi :slight_smile:

**I explained everything that happened.
My openSUSE’s working unstable and very slowly please help me !

Wireless is starting very late.It appears 10min later after i loggen in,and wants me to enter wireless password.This windows is showing up so late,and I can’t connect internet before it shows up.Please help me.Have a good day.:slight_smile:

if you use KDE4, execute following in terminal as superuser:

sed -e '/LD_BIND_NOW=/!b' -e '/+knetworkmanager/!s/$/ +knetworkmanager/' /usr/bin/startkde >/tmp/startkde-intermediate
cat /tmp/startkde-intermediate >/usr/bin/startkde
rm /tmp/startkde-intermediate

just to mention, it will all go away if you update KDE, so you may make this as a file, run it after updates, or make updates file which will do all necessary :slight_smile:

I use Gnome.Should I try ?

I too have noticed a significant delay before wifi connection is established using 11.3. Much longer than with 11.2. (Why is thsi?) As a result the Updater Applet reports error message because no network connection is available and I must wait several minutes before I can use browser.
I note the above suggestion but do not understand exactly what it does and would appreciate a bit more explanation please. Also why is it not possible to change parameters in Network Manager properties so as to sort out this problem.?
Grateful for any information when you have time.

Well I tried this but there has been no detectable improvement in availability of wifi after starting. Still taking several minutes after everything has loaded before wireless lan connection is available. Performance much worse than 11.2 and Windoze XP. I had hoped for something better.