wireless and security

I am having a real hard time getting wireless to work with opensuse 11.1, on one box. I started out with a pci card that worked previously but wouldn’t let 11.1 install. I removed the card, did the install and tried to configure the card. That locked up suse and I had to unplug the machine.

I moved to a usb adapter that worked in other suse installs, but couldn’t get that to work (it was an atheros chip, the pci was realtek). I tried an older usb adapter that works on a Tivo (which is just a custom linux box) and that wouldn’t even begin to work.

Now, I went to an even older usb adapter with an atmel chip. That works, sort of, after a lot of hair-pulling. My router is an “n” router with wpa-personal. This old adapter is 802.11b. So, I’m wondering, is security all software or is it hardware too? This adapter cannot connect to my network. NetworkManager sees my net but can’t connect. If I do an iwlist scan, it doesn’t see my network but it does see my neighbor’s across the road. I think his network is also secured.

I tried taking down the encryption on the router to get connected for updates but that didn’t work… although, I just changed the screen but did not log out of the router with encryption off… maybe it never went off… I better check that again.

So, does this look like an encryption issue or something else?

AFAIK,Wireless b adapters can only use wep encryption,which is about as useful as leaving your password lying around :smiley: . I have had no problems using encryption on all my adapters,broadcom,rtxx,prism. It mainly depends on the firmware,if you get the right one things go well, get the wrong one & you are naffed.Try the compat-wireless drivers, some have had better luck with these


Of course something is better than nothing. Check the HCL if you are considering a new purchase.

If you can set up wireless access by MAC too.

Hardware - openSUSE

Linux wireless LAN support http://linux-wless.passys.nl

Hardware for Linux - Home

Update: I did get connected after taking down the encryption. I just had to save the new settings and log out. After running updates, I put the encryption back in place.

I ran the yast–>system–>hardware app and when I opened the line for this adapter, it said no firmware. I forget… does this mean it is looking for it or it doesn’t need firmware? I need a tutorial on adding firmware anyway.

I don’t think it needs it since I got connected without encryption on. It wasn’t easy to do, and I hope I can figure it out again next time.

it said no firmware
This normally means the firmware needs to be installed