Wireless 802.11g USB 2.0 card

Hi, I have been looking for one of these.

However before I buy one I want to make sure it works with suse (10.0)

I’ve had problems with modems before (only windows drivers), and it took me a while to track one down that would work.

anyways, I don’t want to have to go through the same thing again when looking for a wireless card.

again it’s very specific, an 802.11g USB wireless card (compatible with suse linux 10.0).

So could someone give me a list of hardware that meets the criteria?


You could check here
HCL/Network Adapters (Wireless) - openSUSE

Welcome - Linux Wireless

Thanks!, I ended up tracking down one with a ralink rt2570 chipset, in specific; D-Link DWL-G122.

I got it new for just under $12 USA. (off ebay)

very helpful resources you’ve posted!

Hope all goes well;)

well I’ve finally got it, so how do I configure it? I don’t see a ‘wireless’ listing in yast.

from su terminal

zypper in ralink-firmware

you may need to reboot and cofigure via Yast

bash: zypper: command not found

heh, it must be a newer suse distro command. though that might be one of the main things I’m lacking to update my OS.

on the other note, so I just have to get the ralink firmware?

You must be super user in the terminal. Type su then hit enter
enter your password (it doesn’t display as you type)

then type the zypper command

However before I buy one I want to make sure it works with suse (10.0)

  • no zypper

  • no ralink-firmware

  • no (more) support

  • no support for WPA with legacy drivers and default tools


If it is really a rt2570 chip, no firmware would be needed.

I never noticed 10

Do you think maybe it’s SLED? @cliff-s ??
What OS is this exactly. Is it open or enterprise?

Your expertise in this field is without question, but could you be a little less cryptic for our friend?

With the given information I can not be a lot less cryptic than “Install something newer”.

it’s open. sled might be it but I don’t mess around with this stuff much so I wouldn’t know how to use said command.

@Akoellh; I’m stuck with suse 10.0 for reasons, I have a partitioning problem (not enough space in /home for an update to 11.0 ETC.) and I have some software I don’t think I can replace easily… I’m not even sure where I got most of it acutally… (and I need it)

but back to the topic at hand, no firmware needed huh? so I should just be able to link it up and scan for networks with what ever programs I’ve got?

further what I’m asking is where would such devices be set-up in yast2? ‘network devices’ doesn’t seem to have a wireless option…

> further what I’m asking is where would such devices be set-up in yast2?
> ‘network devices’ doesn’t seem to have a wireless option…

one the problems is that most folks here use openSUSE 11.1 daily, and
moved off of 10.0 in May 2006, when 10.1 was released [or soon
thereafter…i went from 9.3 to 10.1 or .2 and never saw 10.0]…

who can remember what the YaST in 10.0 even looked like? [there were
LOTS of changes from .0 to .1, and each later also had huge changes]

i think your best bet might be to use google (it creeps the forum and
archive here) in a site specific mode to dig out your answers…as an
example, try this example search string:

site:opensuse.org wireless ralink rt2570 “10.0”

what you might find is that Akoellh is correct (he most usually is)
and either that card ‘just works’ or won’t work, ever…and you are
faced with upgrading or not using wireless…

if i might venture to muse: if your hard drive is (nearly) full, and
software you need may not be easily found again…then you should
think seriously about this well worn phrase: If it ain’t broke don’t
fix it.

running 10.3 and looking to jump soon to something else…

I understand, but as far as I am concerned, I have my reasons not trying to help you further getting support of some hardware, which will need tweaking on this unsupported distro anyway.

That’s not what I wrote.

This question can also not be answered with yes or no.

It has, but only if there actually is a wireless device detected (and a driver installed, up and running).

Anyway, good luck.