Wired menu choice in network manager missing

I was sure when I first installed 13.1 there was a choice under network manager called “Wired” for the wired network and I was looking forward to exposing multiple profiles there, I have the profiles defined and they work great (thank you) but there is no “wired” choice under the NM applet. Seems to have disappeared after the first update.


KDE or Gnome? In 12.x (with KDE) the right-hand side under the list of
all connections are the various wired connections, wireless connections,
and VPN options. I thought 13.x was similar but I’m not on it yet. If
you’re on Gnome, well, not sure. The only place I see ‘Wired’ is as a tab
of configurable connections within the configuration of Network Manager,
accessed by right-clicking on its icon and going to its settings. This is
the same view from which VPNs and wireless connections, among others, are

Good luck.

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The “wired” connections tab is still there in 13.1/KDE.
Even after numerous updates (just ran “zypper up” this morning)