Winemx/Wine acting unresponsive after a while

opensuse 12.2 64 bit KDE 4.9.5 Wine 1.5.27 Winmx 3.54b4

I am having a problem with the way Winmx 3.54b4runs through Wine 1.5.27], in that, after running from a fresh machine reboot, it runs OK for about 10 - 12 hours and then it any window/program I have open] gets very slow and practically unresponsive to anything like dragging and dropping, copy & paste, moving cards in a solitaire game, moving/resizing a window [everything in general slows to a crawl].

This problem can be cleared up by restarting the Winmx program. As soon as I restart Winmx, the responsiveness returns to normal, until time passes and it becomes unresponsive again. I am not getting any error msg’s, things just slow down. The only thing I have changed in the last while [just before this started happening] was to upgrade KDE from 4.8.5 to 4.9.5

Is it possible to return to KDE 4.8.5 or would I be better to try to upgrade to KDE 4.10? What could I do to try to track down and solve this problem?
I have also posted this at the Wine forums.