I need help…does anyone know why under opensuse 11.0 wine is not working? while in 10.3 everything was OK. I tried Wine-Doors too, and it is starting but when I browse the list of instalable programs it hangs forever…

tghis is curious because I am using Codeweavers Crossover 7 in OpenSuse 11.0 and it is running perfectly, and it is based on Wine. I am running MS Office 2002.

I have WINE running perfectly under openSUSE 11.0

Now, your problem is most likely WINE related instead of openSUSE related; however, we would need to know how you installed WINE (what RPM you used, version, etc.) to be able to better diagnose


In my experience wine works for me pretty much the same in both 10.3 and 11.0, so far at least. Running vst apps is what I have used it for so far. Maybe you could try and delete folder and recreate it?

yes, wine is working on open suse 11 perfectly, no problem here.

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If you decide to delete your ~/.wine folder, please make a backup first because you will lose all previously installed windows applications.