WINE - strange behaviour of application

I am newbie to openSUSE. I installed 11.4 and it seems to be working fine. To run few windows application I need WINE. I installed WINE using YAST Software Manager. But when I install application in WINE it’s not working correctly. The same application is working fine in MINT/WINE.

Any tips/ideas to make WINE apps work properly in openSUSE?

You should check for example the →WineHQ-database for your specific program. Depending on what you have wine-installed under Mint, you might have had certain necessary .dlls or the like already on your system (maybe Mint does install those with wine, just speculating here, though). You should try




…to improve the behaviour.

I am a newbie to Linux.Thanks a lot for that Mint Linux installs many things by default. I copied the fonts and used winetricks. Now the application is working like charm.