Wine:STABLE for Leap 15?

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My son uses Steam on Wine to play LEGO Worlds. It was working fine on Leap 42.3 up until wine version 3.5. After installing the Wine:STABLE version 3.0, it’s working again. Are there plans to compile the Stable (currently 3.0.2) version of Wine for Leap 15 and make it available in the Wine repository?

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Are you tied for some reason to the Wine:Stable repo or would you mind using another repo?

If you don’t mind changing repo, there’s three repos that carry version 3.11.

Just do a search at for “wine” (without the quotes)

(if you haven’t already, you should add that link to your bookmarks. It’ll save you a lot of headaches)

@kerijan2003: No, I’m not tied to the Stable repo, it’s just that that is the only one I have found which carries the ‘Stable’ release of Wine (again, currently at 3.0.2).

I’ve already added the Wine repository to my system and found Wine 3.11 on Leap 15 will not start the game. It also will not reveal anything useful by running it in a terminal, there are no error messages, it just stops the game at some point in the startup process- indefinitely.

I have another system with Leap 42.3 and Wine 3.0 which runs the game just fine.

If you launch ‘winecosole’ and then try to run it from there, any errors reported?

That did yield a D3D error, which I was able to resolve by changing some game configuration options, but it still hangs during startup. No errors are reported other than the typical fixme: ones (which are present in the functional game). I was hoping to find a compiled Wine 3.0 to try it with.

Here you go…
Refer ‘Show experimental packages’ for Leap 15.

Thank you for the link. This does not, however, contain Wine 3.0. The lowest version in any Experimental or Community repository for Leap 15 on that page is Wine 3.7.

Strange - there was a link to Wine:STABLE earlier

OBS shows no longer built for Leap 15 though…

I wonder if Crossover is worth a shot here? You can get a 14 day trial for test purposes…

Just in case this wine guide is of value (it contains a few tips for gaming)…

Sorry I know this is an incredibly late response and you may have already resolved this issue.

But, in case you haven’t this sounds like an excellent time to try Lutris to manage your wine versions for individual games. You can find the download instructions for various distro’s including opensuse here: . The developers were kind enough to add it to OBS. A large number of games can be installed with one click install scripts from the lutris site. However, I did not see an entry for lego worlds. But, since it is a steam game the installation is quite simple.

Once installed, from the launcher you will want to register your account by following the instructions to sync your steam account with lutris. This simply pulls down your games list from your public profile to easily manage installs for games that already have install scripts built for them.

After your account is sync’d you can click the “Manually add game” button. In the new dialog box you will see a name and runner field. You can fill out the name field as you see fit as it won’t affect the install. For runners, you can click “Install Runners” Scroll down towards the bottom and you will find Wine. Select the manage versions button and check the versions of wine you wish to install. (You can install all of them if you really want as only one version will be assigned to each game.) Once you have the appropriate version installed, from the “Runners” drop down menu, you will want to select “wine steam”.

You can now proceed to the game options tab. The application id is the value provided in the URL on the steam store page for that game. In this case the ID for lego worlds will be 332310. For the prefix, this is the same as it would be if you were defining the prefix from the terminal. However, for the sake of simplicity I always set my prefix to the default of ~/Games/<Game Name Here> . The rest of the fields you can leave blank.

Next you will populate the “Runner Options” tab. Every thing here can be left default with the exception of the wine version. Simply select the version you want from the drop down. Check the “Enable DXVK” box as this is a directx 11 game and will run significantly better with DXVK. Your DXVK version should be set to either 0.63 or 0.52(if one of them doesn’t work you can easily change it. )

Thats it for the configuration. Click save and double click the new icon for Lego worlds in the lutris console and it will start building the prefix with the appropriate arguments as you would be familiar with with standard wine installations. Fortunately, Lutris will combine the installation of wine steam and lego worlds into one process. You will be prompted to install steam. Go ahead and install it and log in. The lego worlds install should begin once you log in. Once the install is complete you will receive a dialog box to either launch the game or close the window. Thats about it. When you want to launch the game you may do so from the lutris launcher. Like I said before you can assign different versions of wine to different games for compatibility through the same configuration menu.

I apologize if this explanation wasn’t super intuitive as this is my first forum post. But good luck and hope this helps!