Wine Opensuse 11.4 64bit

Back again without another question :\ Sorry about that lol anyways I don’t seem to understand how to install the newest Wine 1.3.16 on Opensuse have been looking around a bit and still haven’t found any information on it. The transfer from Kubuntu to Opensuse is going to be slow at first for me but i already knew that was going to happen;) :slight_smile:

The one in the repo is no use to you?

assuming you already installed wine form the repo
If you want the latest

su - terminal and do

zypper ar -f wine
zypper ref

(a) to accept

zypper dup -r wine

So I Should grab the one from Repo then update?

Just add that repo
then after zypper ref, do

zypper in wine


zypper dup -r wine

Thank you that will help me install any program now i wasnt sure what Opensuse’s alternative to Apt-get install remove etc was. Thank you. Also is there a way to scale my screen a bit? I am running 1920x1080 and would love to stay there but is there a way to scale everything bigger on my Giant display?

zypper is what we use

type this in the konqueror address bar:

or see here: SDB:Zypper usage 11.3 - openSUSE

start a new thread about your graphics/screen