Wine mono vs wine gecko

Hello im using wine from the official emulators repo of suse 12.2… I noticed wine-mono its not been updated since a while ago, and seems that wine-gecko has the same use of wine-mono…

Can anyone tell me the difference ? Is it that wine mono is not being updated any more ( deprecated )? Should we use wine gecko instead of wine mono ??

Thanks in advance.

Mono is for programming; Gecko is a web layout engine.

I would assume the packages are fine as long as they are compatible with the latest wine.

Thanks for your answer.

In the description of the packages i can read the same.

So if i want to have wine as complete as possible should i install both ?
Wine mono seems almost deprecated as its a long time since last update.
If you read the changelog package seems that wine gecko has the latest engine… Include 1.8 gecko for 1.5.15 or later (FF 16 based)

Thanks again.

This is interesting to me because when you start winetricks from the command line for the first time it will give a recommendation.
It suggests that you need to install wine-mono if you want to run .net applications.
So I wonder now if they are the same thing if we need to make a symlink to the wine-Gecko or maybe you put this in the Wine settings somewhere.
Of course, this is working on a solution before a problem even exists, just wondering.