Wine locks up TW after Update...

I finally zypper dup updated from 4.14.8-1 to 4.14.12-1.5 and all seems well with that and the newer NVidia driver now.
But now there is a new problem - Launching Wine instantly freezes TW, clock stops and no cursor movement etc, ignores control-alt etc. I’ve tried all the other usual programs such as the browsers, Gimp etc and Wine seems to be the only problem so far. Wine works fine if I use the 4.14.8-1 snapshot.

Known problem with 32bit applications on AMD systems, caused by the recent security fixes.

Should be fixed in kernel 4.14.13, which should get into Tumbleweed soon.
You can get it already from the Kernel:stable repo if you don’t want to wait.

Would the ‘nopti’ boot option help? Just wondering.

As of kernel 4.14.12-1 no it does not.
IIRC the fix is in kernel 4.14.13-1

Right, because 4.14.12 is fixed to disable PTI on AMD CPUs anyway.
But something’s still broken in that version that still causes this problem.

nopti should help on kernel 4.14.11 though, previous ones shouldn’t have this problem anyway.

Just wanted to give an update -
Todays update with kernel 4.14.13-1 fixed everything.