wine is killing me.

I just got opensuse and i know nothing of how to run it. I just put my old windows xp programfiles folder onto its desktop. There is a program i use called ACNielsen homescanner internet transporter. If just for scanning items and what not like groceries to keep track of expenses. Anyways i really need to be able to use it. But i can’t run the hs.exe because linux doesn’t read .exe files. So i was looking at wine so i could still use my old programs for windows. I read some forums and what not. And i have no freaking idea on how to install it or run it or make anything happen. I really need to be able to run my old windows programs any help would be most appreciated, you will have to walk me through slow because i am as fresh to this as can be. but for the love of god please help me before i bludgeon myself with this mouse!:open_mouth:

Go to YaST software management and then at the top click “Configuration” select “Repositories” in the menu.

A new screen will pop up, in it press the add button and select the Community Repositories radiobutton before hitting next.
It will fetch the repository list, might take a while…
Once it’s done loading mark the checkbox next to “Wine CVS Builds” and click OK, it will most likely ask you if you want to import some key, accept it and you’ll be back to the repository overview. Click OK and it takes you back to the first Software management window.

Select search in the combobox at the top left if it isn’t set to search already and search for wine. Mark the checkbox for wine and hit OK, it will install wine for you and once done click the exe again, it will prompt you to select a program. Enter ‘wine’, mark a checkbox for “Remember my choice” and hit OK.

Should be all set like that, might seem strange to recommend the CVS build as it might be unstable I guess… but with wine it’s often a good idea to run the latest version as support for different programs is continuously being added.

Please note that wine does not run all windows software properly, but it does run quite a few things decently.

Thank you. That was a great help. These forums are quite helpful. Im glad i made the switch over :stuck_out_tongue:

I just installed Wine today using the instructions on this page Wine - openSUSE. It was easy & ran several MS apps.

@geoffro has a nice page here
Geoff’s Linux tips - wine

That is quite the helpful little site. It has been bookmarked. After a day of fighting with suse i think i got it to just about where i need it. Then again tomorrow is always full of new oh so fun bumps in the road ><

Personally I have little use for any windows applications. But I do fine having a Virtual Machine of XP much better for my uses. No good for games.

I use Virtual Box
here is a screen of it running in suse seamless mode](

I have zero use for it as well. The other computer that i did up with suse is for multiple people. Im just going to take that one back to xp for ease of use. As for my own comp. being the laptop i am on right now. I am going to keep suse on and only suse. My only complaint is that i can’t run the devry university site.
I do most of my critical thinking class on that site and its going to pose a problem if i can’t access it. Im going to try reinstalling firefox tomorrow. Maby that will fix it. I at least hope so. Because konqueror is unsupported by the site.

My only complaint is that i can’t run the devry university site.

How do you mean. Can you not login? or can’t you even get to the front page?