Wine in two locations

Recently started using leap 15.4 full time, and noticed something i am not sure of.
I found wine installed in two locations .wine and .local, both have a drive_c and windows install.
Is this normal?
Still working out how wine works.


I do not know any details about Wine, but in general a package (for installation) can, and most often will, contain several files going into several places. When you want to know what files are in the package, you could e.g. use YaST > Software > Software Management; Search for wine and add right select wine and use the Files tab below.

Also looking into the directories you mention (you have no absolute path, can we assume they are in a home directory?) and check what is there and if they really contain the same files in both places.

Yes both locations are in the home/(current logged in user) directory. and both have the same structure as follows,

+ programs files
+ program files (x86)
+ Program data
+ windows
+ users

Some games/programs are in one folder under .wine, and other games/programs are under .local
Just trying to understand how wine structures its files, so i can best manage it.
I still have a lot to learn about wine.

This might answer some of your questions…