wine in opensuse 11.1 [ plug and play ]

Hello, to noobs pecially lol! ]

I am back to my all time fav OpenSuSe after a long gap of like 1.5 ~ 2 years.

Just got working Wine!!! Yes!!! It was my dream!! lol!
As being windows guy I am never able to go through scripts in Linux but thanx to OpenSuSe 11.1 for integrating Wine by default.

Tips for noobs :

For reference use this link which is very helpful >
FAQ - The Official Wine Wiki

Now the question how to run CHM file in OpenSuSe.

  • Hopefully your windows drives are mounted
  • Create a dir under /home called windows_installers
  • copy the CHM file in it
  • Open Konsole and type > wine start your_file.chm
  • It may will ask to install Gecko plug-in. Let it install and you can read CHM file in Linux.
  • Similarly go to and download installer.exe of ysmger
  • Type ** wine start ysmgr.exe ** and you will see windows installer program of Yahoo! messenger
  • wine creates a profile for you under > /home/your_name/.wine
  • under .wine it create c:/ drive and program files under that. When ever you install any windows program it goes there.


p/s: Incredible achivement for me. I am going to demostrate this to some of my friends who run internet cafe/internet pub. This probabbly will encourage them to remove windows and install freeware OpenSuSe 11.1 . Many thanx to OpenSuSe developement team <:) ]

You’re getting further and further. Cheers Amey