Wine freezes computer

I am running 11.2 on a HP dv2000. I just installed wine and tried to run a couple games that are known to work with wine (bombermania and gem mine). After a few key strokes the games just lockup. I cant move the mouse or even shutdown the computer without using the power key on the computer. I am new to linux so I will not understand technical lingo. Thanks for your help.

This won’t solve the problem with your games, but before turning off your computer, try “CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE” to end the current X server session.

“CTRL ALT Backspace” did not seem to do anything.

Sorry, you have to do it twice in succession.

Still nada. The music keeps playing though.

Then why are you complaining? Sit back, have a beer and enjoy the music. lol!

Try opening a terminal and running top while playing one of the games. See what, if anything, is using up the resources. Also post your version of Wine,

rpm -q wine

Finally, check the Wine app DB to see if these games are supported on Wine.

WineHQ - Wine Application Database

I am running wine 1.1.9-1.11.1

I cant open a terminal while playing a game because it freezes too quickly. Also, I just downloaded a different mario game and it did not freeze up but as soon as I get start playing a level, the only key that works is F2.

Open the terminal and start top before starting the game. Let top continue while you play the game. Did you check the app DB?