WINE Emulator

hi all

i have a serious problem with this application.

i have installed it but i have messed it up somehow. how can i uninstall and then re install it???

all i want to do is play warcraft over openSUSE.
i know it sounds childish bt ja.

as root, type:

zypper rm wine


zypper in wine

Hello Drunk_Ducky,

If you also want to delete the config files and your installed applications you can find them in here:


Good luck!:wink:

that is cool thanks
but i still cant play warcraft
please tell me how i can accomplish this

it is a very important need :slight_smile:

You need to run ‘winecfg’. That will create a virtual windows folder in ~/.wine/drive_c/
When you want to install a game now, insert the CD, browse it with Dolphin and right click it’s Setup.exe or Autorun.exe, Open with…, Other, type ‘wine’ in the top search field, hit Enter and it should start to install

Hello Drunk_Ducky,

Do you get any error messages?
And could you post the output when you run it from terminal?

I haven’t done it myself but maybe it will help you.
Here are a few links:

Good luck!:wink:

what if the specific game is cracked and all i need to do is click the application to run it.

its the old warcraft3 bt i want it to work coz i play dota.