wine emulator

would anyone happen to know if wine comes with opensuse 11. i wanted to know before i went throught the ordeal of downloading it because i had a few windows progams i wanted to run on linux.

From my knowledge, it is not installed by default. You can easily install it through YaST though. Just add the repository for Wine Emulator 11.0 by going into your Repository window and adding a new one through Specific URL (the previous link is the URL for the repo). Then go into YaST Package Manager and install Wine. Once it installs, you can use all the Wine commands and configuration tools.

thank i’m sure that will help. i looked at your computer configuration and i saw that we have the same graphics card. i had a few questions regarding if you had found a linux driver for it. i bought it about a year ago for a good deal of money thinking i would be able to run beryl on it, but it said i was incapable of 3d acceleration.

Yep. The default Nvidia driver works great with it.

It also has 3D Acceleration available if you are looking to install Compiz(-Fusion). It may be only be if the Nvidia drive is installed that it will work, but I’m not sure.