wine doesn't run a program (unlike other distro!)

i had Mandriva few days ago (and other distros befor that!) and just moved to openSUSE
i use a program called “UltraSurf” (to bypass Internet filtering in Iran) and this program doesn’t work with wine in openSUSE!
i reinstalled wine and tried different versions but when i click on my program nothing happens! (other windows programs work fine!)
any idea what is the problem?
it must be something between wine and openSUSE

compile the wine sources and check the terminal messages when running the app. Can’t imagine any differences opensuse to other distros.

Hei samic,

You could try to find out which Wine version you used with Mandriva and install that one on OpenSuSE. I do not think that which distribution you choose should count to much regarding running Wine. However, you might have to compile your own Wine package which involves a bit more hassle.


I don’t know these things and there are probably some capable hackers around here somewhere who could advise you better than me. However, I googled for Linux equivalents of Ultra Surf and found, among others, this: Tor: anonymity online

i can’t compile wine!!!
also Tor doesn’t work!
i’m going to delete suse and install mandriva again! (it doesn’t eve recognized my printer!!
but i wish that someday for just a few minutes, all of you experience an Internet filtering! :’(
thanks for your helps and goodbye my firends in opensuse

Allright, until next time then.

Cheers and welcome back:)