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Hello all. This a C coding question. So, this could be off topic.

Empire Earth I has a mouse bug with wine. The effect is this(about for x or y):
12" mouse movement-> 1/2" on screen

I’v tried wine v1.3.34, wine v1.3.34_rawinput2, and wine v1.3.35. They both have the same bad mouse behavior.

[](wiki winehq Bug6971)

I’v tried wine 1.3.34 and wine 1.3.34_rawinput2. They both have the same bad mouse behavior.

I’v been doing some reading. Note, wine changes absolute movement to relative. So, I think changing the scaling should be the solution in the “mouse.c” wine source code. I’v done programing, but it will take me some time to figure out how it works. The patch code changes specific things related to ABS vs REL mouse positioning.

I understand some of the wine mouse code. I need help making sense of it to find the code section i’m looking to change. Can someone help?

Also, adding a registry entry “mouse sensitivity” to make it flexible for any game. I couldn’t find anything in the wine app.


On 12/21/2011 11:06 PM, lord valarian wrote:
> this could be off topic.


this is not an openSUSE problem…

sounds like a WINE problem (and, they have a forum)…

but, if you must try to work it here, at least try it in the games
forum. (i guess Empire Earth is some kind of game, huh?)

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Alright then, I’v already posted this on winehq. Admins should move this to games, if needed. If this isn’t moved by January, i’ll cross post this in games.


you will probably have more luck if you post your question here in the development forum.



Ok, I will copy it there. Topic closed.