Wine configuration - openSuse 11.1


I just installed Wine but I’m unable to find the Wine configuration option anywhere and also I dont sww add/remove programs option for Wine

If anybody know the solution please let me know …


Type winecfg in a terminal for the configuration options. And as far as I remember the tool to add software is called wine-doors. You can also install windows software in a terminal: “wine yourwindowsexecutable.exe”. But before you install anything with wine you should run winecfg. Good luck!

Thanks, but you know I had install yahoo messenger and I want to uninstall it but I dont know how to do that. I remember it used to be a Add/Remove program option in the menu.

please tell me how to uns install the app


In your home directory should be a hidden folder called “.wine”. Inside you will find the wine drive “C:”. Just like in windows find the yahoo program folder and execute the uninstaller, if available.
There are some multiprotocol IM clients for linux which you can also use for yahoo, e.g. kopete (KDE) or pidgin (gnome). Maybe you want to try one of those.

If you poke around in the Wine /“Windows” folder, you’ll see an icon called “control panel.exe”. If you click on that, you’ll see an add/remove programs icon. You can use that to uninstall stuff.