Wine and Metatrader 4: how I did it

Hello to everybody,

I need to use the Metatrader trading platform very often, so I have checked the option to use it on my OpenSUSE 11.2 via Wine emulator.
Looking at the forum of wine users I have found that some people are running MT4 without particular problems, but other people can not.

I was following the “official” way to install Wine and then MT4 on linux but doesn’t work. This what I have done:

  1. First of all I have added the official Wine repository (URL: Index of /repositories/Emulators:/Wine/openSUSE_11.2) to my repositories using Yast.

  2. After this, I have launched the Software Manager tool and I have installed the last version available (1.1.40-1.1)

  3. I have set the sound configuration of Wine using the winecfg

  4. As suggested in many forums, I have copied all of the fonts contained in my old Windows XP (C:\windows\fonts) in the windows\fonts directory of wine

  5. Again, as suggested in many forums, I have copied all mfc4*.dll files (5 files in c:\windows\system32) in the same directory of the wine installation

  6. I have downloaded the installation program of MT4 (MT4_setup.exe) from the broker site.

  7. I have moved to the directory containing the setup program and I have typed the following command through terminal:

wine MT4_setup.exe

Okay, what is the result? The result is… doesnt works… I mean: installation starts regularly, goes well, but at the end the installation process block itself. I stay for ten minutes observing picture below

I wait, wait, wait but nothing more happens. On the terminal window I see the following message:

fixme:sfc:SfcIsFileProtected ((nil), L"C:\\Program Files\\MetaTrader - Alpari UK\\sounds\\alert.wav") stub

So, the only thing that I can do is to abort installation pressing the Cancel button… I have repeated this process many times, but nothing changes.

After this, I have thinked to a new approach… and this works!

  1. I have copied all the directory where Metatrader4 was installed on windows (something like c:\programs\Alpari metatrader) in my home directory.

  2. I have copied the mfc42.dll
    inside that directory too.

  3. I have opened the terminal window and I have moved to that directory.

  4. Finally I have launched the command

wine terminal.exe

and it works!

I’m really surprised, why Wine can run the program without problems but cannot run the installer for that program??? Is a mistery for me…
But, more than this, the big issue in my solution is that one must have a pre-existing Metatrader installation on Windows before using the program under linux… sigh…

Somebody knows how to run the installer for Metatrader without it blocks?

could you please upload the windows fonts and dll files?

I’ve a vista on my laptop and XP but it isn’t install on this system yet


here is the link to the DLLs (but you need only the mfc42.dll file):

RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

and here there is the link to the fonts (40 Mb!):

RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

I have uploaded all of the files to Rapidshare, please note that files will be deleted after 60 days and/or 10 downloads.

Hope this helps :wink: