Wine and IE

I tried to get IE 6,7 & 8 to work using wine and failed miserably doing it. A friend needs to access MS Office Live, and was unable to. First we tried IEs4Linx and that failed cause it wanted wine-0.9.* and we have 1.1.2* something or if you add the Emulators repo its 1.1.43. So I tried downloading IE from MS’s site. IE 7 and 8. When I got it to load, it was only a window that showed the Winehq page with no menu bars, no tool bars, no navigation bar. When I tried again, I would get IE that looked like IE, but it gave me an error about not being able to find, whatever was set for the home page, either winehq or or something. So I played with winetricks and winecfg and was still unsuccessful. Someone suggested a user agent switcher, witch I have, and all that would do it get to the page where its trying to load the MS Office Live, so past the sign in, and the green circle would endlessly run.

I have never had any luck with wine. Maybe one of you could help me out.
Here is my ridiculously long log
:~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files - Jonathan_R - AfpTj3YZ -](

Afraid nothing to add except a me too, winetricks ie6 should do it as far as I know.

Now I’m pretty sure I know what my problem is whether it is applicable for your self not sure but wine + x86_64 doesn’t play nice. I can’t be bothered further investigating(Chrooting a x86 install) but I suspect it’ll work with x86 unless of course you’re saying it isn’t so.

I can see three problems:

  1. ntdll expects a true Microsoft OS and It’s products like MS Office live does do checks for a True M$ OS.
  2. ole (object linking and embedding) operations call resources directly then tries to map them to apl calls. Wine does not fully support this.
  3. MS Office passes values from the registry to M$ for M$ product confirmation. Until these values are received in the correct order the live update will sit waiting until it disconnects you.

Is it possible for your friend to use VirtualBox-SUN which will allow a real windows in virtual mode?

Wine IMHO is for running non-Microsoft Windows apps. M$ is very picky, for example on a M$ machine, (if firefox is default browser), Office XP will use IE for live update and change the default browser back to IE & the default home webpage back to MSN. But if IE is the default browser it won’t change the default webpage.

Looking at ies4linux and wine, they both confirm that ies4linux is designed to work only with ie5.5 & ie6.0 but will work with some degree of functionality in ie7.0 on an x86_64 Ubuntu only & it is no longer being actively developed due to the better visualization capabilities that exist.

Could this be of any help: IEs4Linux

I only have some experience with an old version, that did IE 5.5 pretty well for what I needed it for. Years ago, don’t remember exactly what for.

I started with IEs4Linux. That was in my initial post. :wink: That didn’t work.

I did suggest virtualization as well.

We’re not talking about running MS Office here, but MS has a site, like Google docs, or like GNOME Live. Its MS Office Live, and its this I am having a hard time with. Wine apps DB says IE works, but I can’t get it.

Missed that, sorry.

Microsoft Office Live - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

this link suggests that you can use firefox & safari to access the site for collaberative efforts.

Reading that showed me that Silverlight is required, mmm. we have moonlight, which does not do much more than reporting that once again M$ has released a new version, which is not mine, i.e. ( ;)) not working. The moonlight plugin only works in FF on linux.

Perhaps, but it doesn’t work in Linux.