Wine and Acrobat Reader

I don’t know if this is the right place to post my question.

I use Tumbleweed and I have a strange problem with some “program-generated” PDF that in Okular, Atril and Libreoffice Draw are displayed, and printed, with some values shifted on the right.
I tried to install Adobe Acrobat Reader with Wine and the displayed result is OK but, when I try to print the document, the reader freezes and I need to kill the process.

Does someone has the same problem?

Thank you in advance for the answer.

Eh, saw something like that ( not exactly ) where an accidental workaround was found: open the PDF in LO Draw, export as (new) PDF, print that PDF ( we needed to for some since multiple pdfs had to be joined, LO Draw can do that wonderfully these days ). Since that worked, I suspected the PDFs to be generated by some old version. Talking about some government website generated pdfs. In Draw btw you should be able to chech borders, alignment etc. of text / fields if the PDF is properly made.