WindowsXP Image restoration after Opensuse

I got virusus on my WinXp partition, and want to install it from the recovery image created with Acronis’ app.

But I am afraid that if I install in that way I might loose the grub and can only start on windows without opensuse on my system. What is the case for my situation? Thanks.


You can restore GRUB using your openSUSE installation CD/DVD


I only have live cd. If I try with it, it will apply the same procedure to install opensuse to a clean system. Is there a option just to use grub to restore the grub?

Can’t you boot up using the live CD and open a root terminal and run grub? You can then reinstall grub without reinstalling SuSE.

Oooh I’ll try then, cos I always think that live cds are just for getting the taste of the OS and don’t use my hdd but installing the necessary files on my ram. Thanks

As mentioned above, boot with live CD and follow the instructions here to reinstall the grub in easy steps.

Programming and Linux: Solution: Grub issues in opensuse with dual boot(XP,Vista)

With the live CD, method three of this tutorial will fix it: HowTo Boot into openSUSE when it won’t Boot from the Grub Code on the Hard Drive