Windows8.1 to OpenSUSE

Hey, so at my work I need to use OpenSUSE, and at my other job I need to use windows 8.1

I was wondering if there was any remote desktop control that works from windows 8.1 to OpenSUSE and from OpenSUSE to Windows 8.1

This will allow me to be at home and work with both computers remotely which would be great!

Does anybody know of any free applications?

You probably have tightvnc already installed. A quick look at YaST>Software Management shows a number of alternative vncs depending on your needs and desktop.

Ok, So I have tightVNC installed on my home computer, Do I need to install it on my work computer as well?

Another forum said something about needing a server? can you tell how to do that?

You can use a web browser or the VNC client on the client side or VNC on both side.

This shows both ways

Thank you I have the VNC connect working flawlessly, I dont know what I would do without you.