windows vista keyboard problem

Yes, I know, I know!

I’ve searched the net endlessly, and it seems that nobody ever gets a solution to windows problems as we do under Linux (man we have it good with our forums and inter-user support!), and I know we have some windows users on here so I thought it was worth asking.

I don’t use Vista very often, only when I want to play the games that won’t run under emulation.

But two things really bug the snot out of me each time I have to use Vista -

  1. Caps Lock.
    The problem is that it isn’t a caps lock key, it’s a shift lock instead. This means that when I have caps lock on, and press a number key, it gives me the shifted character instead of a number. For example I get ! instead of 1, " instead of 2 and so on. I thought this behaviour went out with manual typewriters!

  2. DOS prompt language
    The DOS prompt refuses to use the German keyboard layout, and defaults to US. This means that I have real problems entering slashes and stuff.

The laptop was bought in Germany, has a German keyboard, and German version of Vista with no language packs installed. This happens on a clean install too, so I don’t think it’s any software interference, and it did this since new. My external USB keyboard does the same thing (no driver software installed).

To further confuse matters, I really don’t have any clue about how to change things in Vista, and although my German is reasonable for everyday use, it’s not good enough for navigating the guts of Vista!

I don’t want to change the language of Vista for 3 reasons, 1) I would have to buy a language pack and I don’t want to pay money to Microsoft, 2) It slowly helps me learn more “computer” German, and 3) I really don’t want to be fluent in “Microsoftese” anymore :D.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Open a DOS window and enter FDISK :wink: rotf!

Can’t you add the language/keyboard tool thing to the task bar?

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Never mind, apparently it’s normal behaviour for German keyboards!