Windows Vista 7 or Open suse

Also, the W7 start menu you refer to, has a deja-vu feel to it, for me that is. It reminds me of the gnome slab – a few favourites followed by a long list of all applications with a side panel of shortcuts.

I prefer the openSUSE K menu, or the older win/K menu for practicability.

Is that better than running the linux version? I’m currently running version 5.0 for linux and it works fine.

I did use wine to run sketchup (no linux version), it seems to work ok too but I didn’t test it extensively.

brunomcl wrote:
> Is that better than running the linux version? I’m currently running
> version 5.0 for linux and it works fine.

maybe it changed, but i think the linux version was/is actually the
windows version which installed its own highly specialized/configured
and tuned version of WINE…

could’a changed, don’t know…

mine is an older version: 4.3.7191.6508beta which runs just fine thank

it ain’t broke so i don’t fix it…


I’m not sure either, but I think it was always a “native” version. The current version of GE does not need wine, but Googles Picase does (or did), I haven’t used it for quite a while now).

On Sun, 2010-03-14 at 17:26 +0000, Eddie22 wrote:
> Which OS is the best Windows Vista 7 or Open suse
> I think Open suse is the best because I HATE WINDOWS

Just my opinion… don’t use something you HATE.


Install both, one of them in a VirtualBox. Which one? The choice is yours. And I don’t believe that you hate one of the OS’s you mentioned. You have to know something to hate it. But then you wouldn’t have asked the question.

I remember that version 4.something did work, although with some glitches (freezes). Thus I tried version 5, it works very nicely, so well in fact that I haven’t really thought about upgrading.

Both versions are native, AFAIK. No embedded wine.

I don’t advocate upgrading just for the sake of it, but sometimes browsing a new release’s “what’s new” is worth the time, even if the current version ain’t broke. You may find a new feature you like.

My friend uses Windows 7 64bit and it runs WOW and it is great

and Vista is a memory hog I have 1 gig of ram and I hate it

Summarizing: Windows is a Gamulator !!

Yes I am trying it now.I think it is good.

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Is that really the issue here? Since this is an “opensuse forum”, therefore we must bash other OS types in order to “prove” just how much we like Opensuse GNU/Linux and thus justify why we use it over other systems? Currently I use it natively on this laptop and virtually on another which remains at this time a Win. 7 device by choice since sometimes it is convenient to run some win applications natively, an example for me is rosetta stone. On an ethical standard, I support the FSF definition of free software and agree free software should replace proprietary software if possible, but frankly that is not always possible and I do not have the means at my disposal to create replacements for every non-free software which I occasionally use. Another example is R - it is great, but believe me, it will never replace SAS in the corporate world which includes virtually all pharmaceutical companies. So I think we should support FSF and support GNU/Linux, and accept that it is impractical to live in an “us vs. them” world when it comes to software and productivity.

On Fri, 2010-04-30 at 12:46 +0000, RichardET wrote:
> So I think we should support FSF and support
> GNU/Linux, and accept that it is impractical to live in an “us vs. them”
> world when it comes to software and productivity.

One of the biggest strengths of Linux and the Linux distros is their
ability to integrate to other worlds and to act as a bridge between
worlds. This function was missing in the disparate non-homogeneous OS

Quite frankly I like and use both.

Windows 7 is excellent for media and video, as well as gaming.

Linux (openSUSE and Fedora in my case) are great for general work and bespoke applications. I haven’t rebooted my Fedora box in several months.

Both have their pros and cons, I just hope that one day people won’t feel the need to turn into screaming zealots, - at the end of the day it’s just an OS platform. Use what you like, use what’s best for you. Everyone’s different.

Windows 7 is a very good OS. It is stable, looks fine, and has been compatible with all my hardware.

However, not being a gamer, I see no advantage for Windows 7 over Opensuse, which is also stable, looks fine and is highly compatible; Plus it is very customizable, as with most linux distros, and I very much like this (although I’m not a computer expert/developer).

The only reason why I keep 7 is specific software, mainly autodesk products (Autocad and Revit); Otherwise, most of windows software have their linux alternatives.

You’re being utterly rediculous.

"C: " in Windows is analygous ‘/’ on a UNIX system. I’m sure you go mucking around there often without having to give admin priviledges on a Linux system. That is, unless you run as root!

“C: \Program Files” is analygous to “/usr/sfw” on a UNIX (example given is from Solaris) system. There, you don’t go mucking around, either. Most Applications I’ve used that are Vista/7 Certified uninstall cleanly (they don’t leave any files or directories behind… I said most I’ve used… not all). That wasn’t the case in XP (so, I can see how that habit could have been developed).

No one would expect a user to be mucking around in there on a UNIX system, but on Windows you expect the OS to let you do whatever you want there without saying anything.

I’m sure you wish you could turn off Linux’s permission system, so you wouldn’t have to su/sudo on that OS, too? Or do you just say “forget it” and run as root, instead?

Also, that start menu looks like complete ****. You rather mouse through a cluttered menu instead of type <WINKEY> “Pai” <ENTER> to Run MS Paint? Or <WINKEY+R> “mspaint” <ENTER>? You’re in a deep minority, there, buddy. I’m convinced the only reason why that Classic Menu still exists, is for Servers (they don’t usually run theme service, among other desktop-related things).

Since this is an “opensuse forum”, therefore we must bash other OS types in order to “prove” just how much we like Opensuse GNU/Linux and thus justify why we use it over other systems?

Yes, it’s really an issue, and don’t be surprised if you get censored or temp-banned while others get to run wild unmoderated.

And the same people wonder where the terms freetard and luser come from…

Windows isn’t just for games. There are hundreds to thousands of appliations that run on Windows, but neither run cleanly on Linux nor have a direct Linux port.

Mobile Sync software is an obvious biggie (iTunes, Windows Media Player, Zune, Mobile Device Center/ActiveSync, BlackBerry Desktop Software). Microsoft Office. People who Develop for Windows, do Video or Graphics Editing, high end Desktop Publishing, Sound/Music Editing. The list goes on. These are done on UNIX systems as well. I’ve seen lots of Solaris workstations doing some rather high end stuff (Workstation Graphics drivers are usually available for Solaris - Quadro and FireGL). HP-UX as well. You can never “miss” those CDE/Motif interfaces…

The Applications that many people list in rebuttals are merely alternatives. They aren’t replacements. Evolution and Thunderbird can’t replace outlook for me. They can’t replace Outlook for me connecting to Windows Live, how are they gonna replace Outlook connecting to Exchange.

If you don’t do any work on your computer (Windows is just for gaming!!!), then sure… You don’t need it.

But there is a reason why Linux has such a terrible marketshare on the desktop (they tried with Linux Netbooks and Laptops, that was a failure). Applications matter, and doing whatever it takes to limit people to F/OSS software or running (or trying to run) their Windows software in a Compatibility Layer (like WINE) won’t help that. Consumers don’t like to run multiple operating systems in VMs. That’s common with Power Users and Developrs, but Power Users and Developers are a significant minority of computer users.

Even if every Linux User and Software Developer did that, it would still be factorably less than 10% of the market (cause Linux only has like … 2% marketshare, or something not much more than that…).

As far as Gaming goes, it’s Linux’s fault that they have no decent titles for the platform. The Kernel Developers intentionally refuse to keep the Driver API/ABIs stable. Gamers don’t like it when an update breaks their driver and puts them out of commission. It doesn’t happen on Windows or MacOS, so they stay there.

Back in 2001-2003 there was a lot of effort to port lots of games to Linux (mainly driven by Loki). No one wanted to listen. Now, companies will just port to MacOS. In the future, they may port to Solaris if the user base grows enough and Hardware support improves, since that OS is backward and forward-compatible (and has been for almost a decade), unlike Linux.

Windows 7 ultimate on new hp desktop. The big hassle is tiny useless icons and fonts on the design software, adobe, corel. W7 has no way to change this at 1920x1080 and up monitors. Adobe and corel are tone deaf to users. Good thing I use keyboard shortcuts. Suse gives me control over my desktop,:slight_smile:

There are replacements, whether you acknowledge it or not. OpenOffice is a replacement for MS Office. Evolution of Kontact are replacements for Outlook, now called live.

If one is looking for exact replicas, then your argument has some merit. But one problem, something called copyright. Copyright forbids exact replicas. So that means a user must take the time to learn the new software.

I prefer GtkPod to iTunes. I prefer Amarok or Kaffeine to Windows Media Player. I don’t do video editing, or sound editing, or photo editing, so I can’t personally comment on it. However, I had my brother, who is a Windows user and does not use Linux at all, look at a sound editing program for Linux, and he found it fairly close to the professional grade one used in studios. He said it was missing a few things, and he’d have to try it. I don’t have the equipment for that.

The simple fact is, that in almost everything now, there is an adequate replacement. The one area Linux lacks in is gaming.

I have a long distance friend (about 1000 miles a way) convert to Linux and he has found Evolution to be an adequate replacement to Outlook and in fact he gave up Windows. He prefers Linux to Windows. The one area we struggle in in Blackberry. Simply cause I don’t have one (he does), so I have never done it and I am unfamiliar with it. But he like Linux so much that he tries to get his friends on Linux as well. He even preached a sermon using Linux for several examples.

Some of his friends sent him an email warning him of a virus that had infected them. Apparently it totally trashed their systems. He didn’t have to worry because he was on Linux. That’s what he told me. He is a registered user here, but he never posts. After all, why post when he can just call me up.

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