Windows user manager


we’re working in a Windows environment (but using Samba and no Windows servers). I work at the IT department and we’ll have the opportunity to install Opensuse. I already used it (and at home I’m using Ubuntu for more then two years now). We managed already to put our test pc into our domain. Now I was wondering the following. In Windows you have a utility, called User manager, to add/remove user from the domain. I was wondering if there exists something like that for Opensuse. Does anybody has an idea?


I use NIS (Network Information System) and NFS (Network File System). These have a server and a client side.
NIS-server allows me to administer all users on the server, NIS-client replaces the standard login/authentication on the clients. The users do not exist on the clients.
NFS-server exports folders/partitions across the network. NIS-client mounts these exports on the clients. From the server /home is exported, on the clients it’s mounted. So any user can login on any machine in the network, always facing his/her own desktop and files.

Hope this helps you on the way to complete switch to open source.

And so you can add users into the domain who still are using Windows?

Sorry Knurpht,

But I alwyas thought that NFS/NIS are typicaly Unix/Linux ways of workng. Do you realy mean this will be of any help for his Windows environment?

thankfully i do not have to know anything about Windows…but, i think
maybe the answer you search is in one of “swerndna’s” excellent guides

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Thanks, I’ll have a look. I can always install XP via virtualbox to use the user manager, but if I could do this through Linux, I wouldn’t need Windows anymore.