Windows Shorcut .lnk files

I have many directories (a substantial database all nicely orgaanized) of windows .lnk files that I want to take advantage of under OpenSuse.

Is there a way to “translate” a windows .lnk file into something equivalent?

Should I abandon this and create an .html file?

Any suggestions?

I found a post with a bash script here: Convert Windows shortcuts into Linux links

Needless to say, backup any work before you run a bash script to convert it. Can we ask what your link files are pointing to?

I have a nice bash script usable in creating bash scripts you can find here: N.S.F. - New Script File, Bash Script File Header Creator - Version 3.0 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Thank You,

Thank you.

They point to internet URLs, engineering instrumentation, sourcecode locations, cool stuff, …

If you have success, let us know of your effort.

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