Windows Share

I followed some steps in the following page to hopefully open up a share between a windows box and the Linux box

SDB:Samba file sharing in openSUSE - breaking through the window - openSUSE

From the Windows side, what do I need to do? The Linux box is called OpenSUSE and I’ve tried typing \OpenSUSE from the Windows side

Hi tjrjcj, welcome to the Forums. Hope we can help.

If you opened the firewall as instructed there, it won’t work, out of date. Use this method: Opening the Firewall for Samba. The thing is to open also for Netbios server and for connection tracking.

Then to connect from windows. Try to browse to it. But if you can’t, then try this address: \servername\username
Where servername is the netbios name you added into smb.conf on the link you listed and username is your Linux login name. Or you can use the IP address of the Linux machine instead of servername e.g. \\username

More on that here: The Suse/openSUSE Default Shares

Don’t forget to add your name to the Samba user database so you can answer the username/password question when you connect to the Linux box. More on that here: Permission to Access Suse/openSUSE Default Shares


PS there’s more about that link that could cause difficulties. If it still doesn’t work then post here your Samba configuration file located at /stc/samba/smb.conf. You can view that file by browsing to it in Konqueror, Nautilus or Dolphin.