Windows Share Error

in my customer’s fstab file I am mounting about 12 Windows Shares BUT get an error from only one share. The error was something like “No such file or directory” and fails to mount.

//\040Folders /mnt/Shared\040Folders cifs username=myusername,password=mypassword,domain=mydomain 0 0

I am recreating the line in the fstab file above from memory. Someone in another thread mentioned that it may not be a space in the Windows Share name but a tab.
So I will try //\011Folders /mnt/Shared\040Folders …the next time I am there, but I have a low expectation that it will work.

What is the error refering to? The mount point, or the share?

Just want to make sure I mention that I have 11 other mounts that work fine. I am at a loss. Please help!!!

Just so others don’t have to go searching for the other thread you speak of here…

I am not sure that I am the “someone in another thread”, but I di not say so.
I pointed to the fact that the man page for fstab only mentions a possibility to have \040 and \011 for resp. space and tab in the third filed (mount pot) of an entry, but that that is NOT mentioned for the first field (the device).

I do NOT say that you should use \011 when \040 does not work.

Also, you should post all those 12 entries, so people can compare and may point to a difference of the one compaired to the others.

And “recreating from memory” is not something that will encourage many people to try to help you in ICT matters where preciseness is the first and foremost thing.