Windows Server 2003 Domain connection

I’m new to Linux and for the most part networking in a work environment. i was hoping for a layman’s guide to connecting my Linux PC to my windows domain at work.
i have a fresh install of opensuse 11 on a PC i brought from home. i am trying to migrate to Linux for my on personal reasons and i need to be able to access the files on our server. I have used the YAST–>WINDOWS DOMAIN feature and placed our domain name in the domain field. i have been able to go into Places menu ->Network and see my domain, open it and see the server and workstations, but when i try to open the server i see a blank folder. i was hoping for a walk through process so i can make sure I’m entering and configuring all the settings correctly. if there’s no such help available, maybe at least some one can show me what I’m missing. In our windows tcp/ip properties we have three DNS Server addresses and we have cntrl>alt>del set to log into the domain. anyone’s help or comments are greatly welcome,thx.