Windows: RoboForm and DU meter?

Is there anything like the above for Suse, ordered 11 and waiting for the release and ship. Roboform is a form filler for browsers, very nice and complete. DUMeter keeps track of speed and the total up/download also does reports for daily, weekly etc.? Thanx for any help

I really miss RoboForm; I have not found anything like it for linux.
Do a scroogle search using as a search argument “linux password keeper” (without the quotes).

A couple of the hits, I could not figure out how to get them to work and the doc left a lot to be desired.
I think one of them might be a decent alternate to roboform.

I just installed “password keeper” - it requires the install of “AdobeAir” The jury is still out on that one.

There are some shareware apps that I have not tried yet.

don’t know about roboform… never use that kind of thing before.
as for the DU Meter, try ktrafficanalyzer.

Thank You for the replies, it’ll be tough without Roboform but I’ll make do I reckon, I’ll give the kt* a shot, sure can’t hurt