Windows remote to linux

Hi all, I typically connect to my works computer (latest opensuse distribution) from my linux machine at home. This works great with X forwarding out of the box. I also use my home machine with konqueror or dolphin to launch an sftp remote session and edit my files remotely. It looks like thought that I would need to do something similar for our windows systems. I know there are basic terminal environments like putty but I wanted a bit more advanced terminal that allows more and easier configuration. Being also able to launch applications with X forwarding would be a big plus. What do we have in our “artillery”? Regards Alex

I use NetSarang’s XManager but it’s commercial - there are free tools for the job like;

Moba might be the easiest to use. It pretty much works out of the box.

I’m not sure that I understand correctly what you ask. But for years I’ve been connecting to a Win-PC using ssh and rdesktop.