Windows Recycler Folder Delete ?

Hi, i have just shifted from Windows to openSuse 11.4 it superb really love it… Mounted all my drives onto openSuse. I am not planning on going back to windows soon, but may dual-boot with Windows 7 after 8 months.

So, in the drives there are some folders in each partition

  3. System Volume Information
  4. The File pagefile.sys

Please tell me deletion of which will cause what problems in

  1. Only openSuse 11.4 installed.
  2. Switched back to Windows 7.
  3. Dual-boot opensuse and windows 7.

All those are part of windows
If you delete them it could cause problems in windows, especially #4

It would not affect openSUSE

Removing those won’t affect openSuSE at all (except to make more disk space available).

Removing the RECYCLE related files/directories should not cause any problems, other than that you will lose the ability to recover Windows files that are currently in the recycler. Windows will recreate those if it needs them.

If you remove “System Volume Information” you will lose the recovery ability (going back to earlier versions) in Windows, and perhaps you will lose it permanently (not sure about that). I don’t know if it causes other problems. There is probably also a separate Windows recovery partition that seems to be needed for Windows recovery.

If you remove pagefile.sys , then I think WIndows recreates it. However, the recreated version might be more fragmented than the original.

If there is any possibility of going back to Windows, I would leave those alone. You could maybe boot into Windows briefly, and reconfigure Windows to not use a “pagefile.sys”, to not make recovery sets, and to delete all restore point that are currently there. While you are there, also empty the recyler in WIndows. That would free up most of the storage, but in a way that Windows won’t complain about it.

Thank you very much for the prompt & detailed replies. After reading them i’ve decided to delte all the mentioned folders as they would be created again if i every need to switch.rotfl!rotfl!