windows partition

Can I reclaim my windows partition on linux? If so, how do I do it.

What do you mean by “reclaim”?

I want to blow away my windows partition, and add that space to my linux partion.

Currently I dual boot. I want to get rid of the windows partition.


Fairly simple. If you are REALLY sure you want to get rid of it (backups?)

I use Gnome so it would be:

From the slab menu: Yast -> Partitioner, select partition and choose delete.

Or from the command line use fdisk as root (e.g. su - then fdisk)

Good luck

Oh and sorry forgot about grub (do you use grub - the bootloader - might be lilo I suppose)

Slab menu -> Yast -> Boot loader -> Select Windows entry and press delete.

Then your next problem will be how to use the space…

Same in KDE 4 pretty much, just do a search for ‘partitioner’ in the “start menu like” launcher thing.

But just deleting it is only half the job, afterwards you’ll need to format it with the ext3 or another filesystem compatible with linux and mount it somewhere.

Or merge the space with the existing file system.
You might want to take a look at the novell page about partitioner.