Windows Key Shortcut Mapping

I recently installed 64 bit openSUSE 11.2 on my computer (shared with 64 bit Windows 7) and would very much like to have my shortcuts from Windows be mirrored in openSUSE as much as possible. I currently have KDE (4.3 I think) as my window manager and it does a very good job at managing shortcuts. However, it treats the Windows Key as a Meta key (a modifier) which while great for shortcuts like Win+E,etc. makes it impossible for me to access the K Application Launcher widget with just the Windows key (which I have been doing the equivalent of in Windows for a very long time). While I have seen tutorials about how to modify the Windows Key to be recognized as a regular key (like F14 or something) it then loses its ability to also be a modifier. Any suggestions?

Me I just use the mouse for menu access, and let the win key do whatever the heck it wants…
I dont touch it anyhow, I have a mouse, why not use it?