windows key no longer assigned to menu on 11.3

11.2 was working perfectly which the windows key opened up the menu; it came like this out of the box.
now i’ve upgraded to 11.3, oSUSE has defaulted back to alt+f1 for menu. how can i change it back to the windows key?

‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ in yast wants me to press a second key, so i cant define it there…

You may want to let folks know which Desktop Environment you are using.


i was gnome, but now im on KDE… same issue!

Unfortunately KDE treats the “Super” key aka “Meta” key aka “Windows” key as a modifier like “Shift” or “Control”…because of this you cannot assign the windows key to do something without pressing it in conjunction with another key.

The workaround is to modify your system’s key mappings. You wind up remapping the Meta key to be a regular key and then dedicate that key to opening the window. This also means you cannot use the meta key as a modifier so if like me you use meta-[some other key] for convenient shortcuts, then you’re trading a lot of shortcuts for one behaviour.

Personally I have KRunner (normally alt-f2) assigned to alt-space and launch most of my apps/bookmarks from there.

Some people use alt-space or meta-alt or meta-z to open the menu.

This topic was opened in the KDE forums, you may wish to try the solution posted there:

Kryten2X4B has the solution. Read it carefully because if you just skim it you’re context menu key will launch your menu rather than the meta key!