Windows home network

Hi everyone,

First of all, I want to thanks to read my problem and congratulate for this amazing distro. Clarify, also, that I am a complete newbie in linux, so, I would need clear instructions to get to solve my problem.
Now, this is the scenario:
I have a home windows network: 2 PC connected to the router by ethernet cable and 1 notebook connected to the router by wireless, both with Windows Vista. Now, I have installed Suse Linux 11 in one of the PCs and I would like to connect to the home network. How do I have to proceed? I have read a lot of posts and installed Samba to get it but nothing happens.
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Hello there – you’re very welcome here :slight_smile:
Try this LAN primer for Samba.
But first, if you’ve got KDE4 as your desktop, Samba might not work. So what’s your desktop environmebnt KDE4, KDE3.5 or Gnome?

Tutorial: Samba and Suse: HowTo Set up an openSUSE-Windows Home Office LAN/Network
Ask questions if you get confused.

Thanks for your quick respond.

I have KDE4.


Well that’s bad luck – turns out it’s a beta version and not at all cooperative – IMHO I estimate it would be useful for serious workstation use in about a year. It’s a pity there isn’t a warning about it on the installscreen where the choice of desktop environments is made. Both the other desktops are very stable and very good – but KDE4 isn’t stable or good. I recommend that you install one of the other desktops alongside the KDE4 – I understand that you canhave the coexist (simultaneously) and log onto whichever you prefer. I don’t know if KDE4 can cross-contaminate the other desktop. I myself won’t have KDE4 coexisting with anything because I just don’t trust it.

You are really speedy!!

Ok, I will follow your suggestion and install the gnome desktop. I will do it together the KDE because if not I would have to format and install everything again.I will let you know if the windows net works with gnome. Of course, I suppose that I will have to follow the tutorial you mentioned…??

Thanks again,