Windows Folder Loss with Ext 2

After installing OpenSuSE 10.3 with Ext 2 (vice Ext 3 using the expert partitioning option), I noticed the Windows folder was absent from the root directory. When I attempted to access Windows drive in YAST/Partitioning, the fstab function was not available.

I am using Ext 2 as opposed to Ext 3 because Partition Magic 8 predates revisions to the Ext 3 file control system. Use of Partition Magic 8 to modify non-Linux partitions on a drive containing 10.x with Ext 3 can result in loss of Linux recognition during boot.

Is there any way to retain Ext 2 and regain access to Windows partitions that would normally be accessible through the currently absent Windows folder? [/LEFT]

Hi. The use of EXT2 filesystem should have no effect whatsoever on a Windows partition. Something else must have happened during your repartitioning of the drive. Can you access the drive from one of the standard locations, such as /mnt, /media or maybe /windows or something similar? I doubt that SuSE partitioner just nuked your Windows partition (unless you told it to do so:P
Can you at least see the Windows partition in YAST/Partitioning? What does it say exactly when you run it?