Windows File Permissions Problem

Hi All,

I am using Novell SLED 10 on an ASUS S96J notebook for my personal use. I am the only one in the company using Linux. And, we don’t have a PC network.

What I want to do is;

  1. My Win XP has 3 partitions; C, D, E. And D and E has business files such as invoices, videos, or images. When I want to open the files, I can open them but not edit. It says read-only. I tried to change the permission when I logged in as root, but still it didn’t allow me to change.

  2. I have read some of the threads here, but mostly people are talking about in an office network or connected to internet. That’s far beyond my aim.

Could you please tell me what I need to do in order to read and write the files stored in C,D, and E ?

I am using Gnome, by the way.

Thanks in advance.

Have a look here at swerdna’s excellent tutorials and the “FILESYSTEM &
PARTITIONS” section.

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Thank you very much Malcolm. I will have a look at it immediately.

By the way, after reading the link, that you recommended to me, I found another one while searching where fstab is placed in the system at Google. And I think it is better for newbies like me.

How to edit and understand /etc/fstab

That’s the link. However, thank you very much for being kind to reply.

With regard to NTFS the advice on your link is this:

…If you want to be able to write to your Windows partitions from Linux, I suggest formatting them as Vfat, because Linux’s support for writing to NTFS partitions is a bit shabby at this moment.

That advice is quite out of date and quite wrong now-a-days. I suggest you enter lines into fstab, one for each NTFS partition (provided that your NTFS drives are permanently attached, not hot plugged!), and that you use the read-write versions crafted specifically for NTFS by the developers of the driver ntfs-3g for Linux, outlined here:
HowTo Mount NTFS Filesystem Partition Read Write Access in openSUSE 10, 11
particularly this form:
Permanent Mounts for Internal Drives

There’s a further issue in Sled 10: You might have to install the RPMs for the ntfs-3g driver first. Check that with this command:

rpm -qa | egrep "ntfs|fuse"

Might take 20 seconds to complete. If you can’t understand the response, paste it back here for interpretation.