Windows closes on key press


I’m trying Linux on a new Quad Core PC with 8GB Ram. I’m intending to run VMWARE with XP 32bit and Vista VMs.

I’ve installed Opensuse 11, 10.3 and Ubuntu 64bit, but preferred Opensuse because it can give me more screen resolution options and RPM/1-click support.

Installing and running Groupwise and Novell Client is a pain, surprisingly, even though opensuse is backed by Novell. So I’ve given up on that and will use them via VMWARE on XP.

Anyway, the problem I’m having is I get this error on different windows, sometimes it’s on the “lock” screen and when I type the first key of my password, the window disappears. The window returns, but again any key press makes it disappear (so stuck in a loop I shutdown and installed ubuntu). I had the same issue with firefox and a Control/Yast window at some point,using the mouse it’s fine, but say I want to type a search, the first key press closes the window.

My opensuse 11 box is connected via a USB kvm switch.

Any help advice appreciated.