Window's can't connect to Samba file server

Good Day.

I have no experience in setting up a linux server prior to this nor have knowledge on networking, prior to this issue.

I’m trying to create a server for my organization. I’ve installed opensuse 13.2 on my dekstop.

I followed the guidelines here;

however I still can’t connect from my Windows machine to samba ( by inserting smb://192.168…)

I can ping to the ip though…

Please help.

Reinstall the system, install yast2-samba-server and use YAST -> Network Services -> Samba Server to configure it. However I would be interested to know if you run a Windows AD (Active Directory) because if that is the case, integrating 13.2 into it and using its credentials to authenticate users changes the setup a fair bit.

The Howtoforge pages are written by some random clueless people and I wish they would take down that entire site because it causes more problems than good.

im confused…

the Domain Controller on Identity tab in Samba configuration should be “primary” or “not a dc” ?

to answer your question, no I did not run a Windows AD

Plus :

  1. why there isn’t a share tab appear on my folder properties?
  2. after samba created, in order to access folders on server, Windows address bar should be smb:\192.168..** right? i get a timed out connection. :confused:


Not sure what you want from a Linux Server, there are many options. When you say “create a server for my organization” do you mean to fill one of the many roles that Windows Servers offer? Like a Server where windows desktop users log onto the openSUSE Server (that you might create) and store their individual data and projects there, all their files. Or are you looking for something simpler, like a repository for common, shared files, like a “Workgroup”?