windows boot problems

hi ,
i have both windows and linux on my laptop (for ease of use for some programs). suddenly i can’t log in with windows (it crashes):frowning:
could you help me to remove the old windows and install new one?


Here’s a 4 step process:

  1. Recover any important data from the windows partition by mounting the partition in openSUSE and copying the data to a storage location
  2. Install windows to the partition it currently occupies: format the old partition with the win CD in the begin stages of the installation and re-use the partition. That will knock out the Linux bootloader – no worries
  3. Use any of these methods to boot back into openSUSE: Five ways to boot openSUSE when Grub is broken. The first option is pretty straightforward for newbies.
  4. Reinstate the openSUSE Grub loader using this technique: APPENDIX: Installing a brand new bootloader once you’ve booted into openSUSE

Ask more questions if it gets difficult.

thanks alot:)