windows after suse 11

ok i have searched around and found different solutions for this but they are kinda hard and i want to do this right the first time. I’m trying to install server 2008 on a machine that already has vista server and SUSE 11. i have tried installing it by just inserting the dvd and when i get to selecting the partition it tells me that i can’t install on this partition, i have re-formatted to fat32, naming it to a different name but no luck. can anyone help please by the way this work is for school purposes.

You will need ntfs and not fat32 further than that i can’t help sorry


well right now i have ntfs

Sorry, but I think you’re looking in the wrong place. I suggest TechNet Microsoft Windows Server TechCenter. This section in particular Installing Windows Server 2008.

By the way, it’s recommended to install from within the existing OS rather than booting from the DVD. Create the partition first.

That you have linux on a partition should not be relevant, as long as you are not using the linux boot loader - you should use Vista’s; it is easy to boot linux and server from the Vista boot manager.