windows 95 patch file, linux method to extract data

I have a gog game and a needs a win95.exe patch. I can’t find a windows method to extract the data. Is there a Linux utility to extract the data? I had the patch file then lost it. I found it again(2003 and 1997, one should be the correct one).

I also might want to run a windows 7 virtual machine on linux to play the game. Wine usually doesn’t run very many games without problems.

Use cabextract, or in Gnome DE, I just right-click → extract here… then copy to a USB device for transfer to windows…

> cabextract antar110.exe
antar110.exe: no valid cabinets found

All done, errors in processing 1 file(s)
> cabextract BetrayalInAntar110.exe
BetrayalInAntar110.exe: no valid cabinets found

All done, errors in processing 1 file(s)

cabextract is used to extract/uncompress files with a “.cab” file extension, not EXE files.
To extract executables (files with a .exe extension) you need a decompiler. Visual Studio might do that for you (On a Windows machine, download and install the free community version of Visual Studio, you will also need to install C support or whatever language was used to build the EXE in the first place).

Note that EXE files can be built a number of different ways including in Visual Studio but also 3rd party compilers and from the command line. You generally need a matched decompiler that matches the original compiler used.

Patches are distributed in both CAB and EXE formats, the former generally for applications to invoke and the latter generally for the End User. But, both are executable, eg you can double-click on them to run.


Windows 95 game: betrayal at antara + antara110.exe patch works.

On source forge, I found a large number of apps to extract the data or decompile them. The later I can’t make sense of.

resourcextract.exe doesn’t do anything.

Visual Studio '95 version?